Gardening 101

I don’t know how it happened. I’ve resisted the siren song of the gardening obsession for years. I am, however, hooked. It’s a little like falling in love, though I think I’m old enough to know there are pests and diseases lurking under the shiny, pretty leaves. Still, I’m dazzled. Where have these flowers and shrubs been all of my life?

Knitting is set aside for the moment, probably for the season. I can’t even muster booties for my new niece. What a strange feeling it is to pass up the knitting magazines for the gardening glossies.

I have a budget, or I’m sure I would drown in all I’m bringing home from the nurseries.

Mostly I’m working on the front beds, mostly shade. I love the peaceful plants of the shade. I thought I’d miss the riot of colorful blooms intended for sun, but instead I find I love the shade loving plants tremendously. I have the sunny west side to play with, but I feel less confident about my choices. I’ve found a great book from the library called The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch. I love her simple, get-your-hands-dirty-don’t-worry approach. I want to imitate her fearless, joyful approach. She speaks to my homeschooling heart when she reminds the reader it’s just gardening, not rocket science, and if something dies, replant – no big deal.

I even love digging holes and hauling dirt. Once my budget is busted (and I may be there already) I think I’ll be perfectly happy to keep digging beds and amending soil for next spring. No one is more surprised than I by this turn of events.


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