Sew far, sew good…

sweet summer dress

I thought I’d never sew. It seemed like something you couldn’t learn on your own. But then I taught myself to knit, and then I learned everything I could through trial and error. Knitting has taught me to enjoy the bumpy creative process. Sewing is no different. Every new project holds learning opportunities disguised as mistakes.

It’s a lot like raising kids.


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One response to “Sew far, sew good…

  1. Hello Denelle!

    The dress is beautiful! Sewing is something I hope I can learn soon. My oldest (7) is getting sewing lessons for her birthday so maybe she will be able to teach me- HA!

    I love your blog! Would you mind if I link (in my blog) to your post about the Egyptian picnic when I blog about our homeschool plans for this year? That is exactly the type of activity that I would like to do with my kids.

    See you at the co-op party?

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