Ancient Egypt’s Been a Blast!

Sarah’s Egypt Lap Book

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning SO much about the first great civilization. Want to know how they made mummies? We can tell you all the gory details. The kids had fun with the lap books and salt maps. We’ve seen how it all relates back to the Bible, especially imagining Moses’ life in Egypt. Pyramids, pharaohs , the Nile, deserts, archeology– whew! It’s been a great way to get the kids off to a happy start. Ancient Egypt is a very kid friendly mini-unit with lots of strange facts and hands-on projects.

Tim’s really doing great with the math and science. He’s quickly learning what they need and tailoring the lessons and homework to fit each kid. For science he’s focusing on both big ideas (the universe, Newton’s laws) and smaller ones (How does an air conditioner work? What are the parts of a door? Which pipes are used in plumbing?). He is also taking them through the Old Testament, which fits nicely with our history units. I know it’s a cliche, but kids really are sponges. He’s also teaching Caleb how to do some basic computer programming using Python. Caleb says he’s working on a program to turn English words into Pig Latin!

We are reading A LOT! I was afraid all of the assigned work would dampen his passion for reading, but he sets his alarm to get up early to read his “just for fun” books (Lemony Snicket has replaced the Hardy Boys for now). At lunch we’ve been listening to a terrific recording of Peter Pan. Jim Dale is the best narrator!

Caleb’s not so crazy about cursive, but he’s getting it. Sarah is really improving in her penmanship. She LOVES her grammar lessons. I am really impressed with Jessie Wise’s The Well-Trained Mind grammar books. I’ll probably devote a whole entry to those in the future. Caleb’s still not too enthused, but I’ll keep going for a while and keep looking for ways to supplement.

Daddy covers P.E. as well. They practice a little ball most days, and both kids are on teams this season again.

I’m still hoping to fit Latin and more fine arts in to our schedule, but not yet. We’re still getting used to the whole thing. I’m tired and Tim’s trying to figure out how to keep his work schedule compatible with homeschooling. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance it all. I’m think we might just take every fourth or fifth week off just to get some things done! I had plans for re-doing the living room, but right now I’m just trying to catch my breath. I’m also doing a lousy job documenting it all.

The bottom line is this — it’s already clear to me that this is right for our family. I love seeing my kids like this. They love all of the time they get to spend with us. A messy house is not much of a sacrifice for drawing us closer.


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